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Heritage Festival 2012

Kurth Kiln Heritage Festival 2012 Sunday 15 April was the day for this year's festival. As usual we worried about the weather, the dignitaries, the volunteers, the wasps, but in the end everything came together and it turned out a perfect weekend. The Stagecoach Robbery and Rides was a terrific new idea that everone enjoyed. The historic Kurth Kiln re-enacted theatre play was also a great new inovation The Friends of Kurth Kiln thank all participants of the festival, the dignitaries, the groups, the volunteers, the visitors, for their willingness and the time and effort given to make the 2010 festival a success. This annual Festival (which has won the Cardinia Shire 2004 Festival of the Year Award) is our major contribution to promote greater public awareness of the unique Cultural Heritage of the Kurth Kiln site. Below are a series of photos taken over the weekend.

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